December 28, 2012


"TRES BELLE PLACE" - very beautiful place stated on Mhage's top (RFSHN)
Christmas photoshoot but of course not with a Christmas theme. 
This is more of a vintage / rebel "RANDOM" photoshoot.
Credits to the photographer- meee. Haha! And to these awesome people.
Belated Merry Christmas everyone!

Fierce Mhage, Fierce!

 I like this old car shot. Pat on the back?

What Mhage wore: All from RFSHN plus 
Shoes: Ferracini

Hype Mhage & Jhermie

Jerome Soriano :
Mhage Soriano :

Let's go to the kids fashion, shall we? 
Say Hi to these cuties Clara and Nicole! Future top models, right?
Theme : Rockstar chic (Can't think of a better one)
Let's take it to the streets!

 Maldita look or straight face? 

What Clara wore: All from SM Department store
Boots- Hush Puppies
Necklace- Bazaar

What Nicole wore: All from SM Department store
Headband- Pink box
Shoes- Converse

Thanks for viewing/reading.
Happy Holidays everyone!

December 17, 2012

Chill Monday

Day 3 of Christmas break 
 Chill Monday with my pretty cousin Audrey. Thanks, Princess!
 "Because you're awesome"

Travel. Travel. Travel. 
1000 places to go before I die? Challenge accepted. HAHA!
As you can see, I enjoyed reading National Geographic Journey of a Lifetime. Scanning the breathtaking photos makes me wanna do a bucketlist of places that I should visit. If only I'm the richest person on earth, I'll travel the world like Magellan HAHA whuut?

Happy Lemon's Green tea with Rock Salt and cheese & 
Lemon Peppermint with Nata de coco

Cocoa w/ Rocksalt and cheese is still the best <3

Hey there, Audrey burrito


My face is covered with my teal nails.
 Thank you Thea for this awesome nail polish.


{ 0 o 0 }

Define tummy exposure. I know.


Simple and most comfortable clothes
Fuschia and Blue color combination


Fuschia cropped sweater - The College House, US
 High waisted denim pants- Forever 21
 Espadrille - Sueňo Espadrilles GB
Neon pink spiked headband- Bedazzle

Credits to Audrey DS!

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December 11, 2012

Short story: Midsummer (Manuel Arguilla)

Midsummer by Manual Arguilla

The theme of the story is all about attraction and being enamored during the first meeting between two people: Manong and Ading. The story is set in the middle of summer where we can feel the hotness and scorching heat of a relationship that is growing. It is during midsummer when plants are growing just like the growing relationship of the two characters. The story is a not-so-special meeting between a man and woman that might have a promising relationship in the future. The character’s conversation is plain just like the landscape setting but it was filled with passion and emotions. The story is very detailed which let us readers conclude that they both have the same feelings for each other. Although the story is more on portraying the feelings of Manong, we can also say that Ading is attracted to him in the way she observes and approach him. As readers, we can feel the tension between the two people as Manuel Arguilla’s details how the characters look and act; for example: Her lips parted in a half smile and a little dimple appeared high upon her right cheek. Manuel Arguilla might want his readers to capture the possibility of seeing love between two strangers in their first meeting. The story might be described as love at first sight. It’s about the encounter of Manong and Ading at an isolated village well. It is noontime and a very burning day in summer, Manong was carrying his cart towards the well when he saw a young woman named, Ading. At first, Ading didn’t notice Manong and Manong is hesitating to talk or approach her. Even though Manong was unfortunate that Ading didn’t mind him, while he was eating, Ading approached him and stared at him. They had a little conversation, and the bucket of water splashed in his food unintentionally. After that incident, Manong helped Ading in filling the jar again. The sun is almost everywhere, it is then that she invited Manong to her home which made Manong more interested to her. Midsummer closes with Manong, following Ading in the direction of her house where there is a shade of relief from the heat of the day. Midsummer might be read as an illustration that is simple. When we reflect on the story, there is a comparison between the youth and liveliness of the couple. The story is full of emotion that captivates the readers easily. In reality, love at first sight simply opinionated by other people. We can’t really feel love when you first met someone, especially to a stranger, but you may feel attracted to him or her. The story is only after the attraction during the first meeting of the character; therefore readers are kept thinking what might be the ending of their relationship – is it a happy or bad ending? Destiny also works in the story because things were going unexpectedly especially the last part. The last part which is “He felt very strong. He felt that he could follow the slender, lithe figure to the end of the world” struck us the most because that part made us know that there will be something more after that meeting- something unpredictable might happen between the characters. The characters in the story symbolize the Filipino people before particularly the dalagang Filipina and a binata from rural area. The man in the story or Manong is the one striving to look for a work with his pet bull. The woman is hospitable because she invited Manong to their house. The story is describing the typical way of a dalagang Filipina met a binata; which is comparable to our generation where traditional way of meeting someone is different. The faced-paced lifestyle in urban areas is far from the simplicity living in rural areas. Manong treated Ading with respect and kindness. Nowadays, we misinterpret love and attraction. Love is something you will feel for the longest time; while being attracted is the opposite. Life is also full of surprises and you’ll never know what’s waiting for you. Things go unexpectedly just like the story. In the middle of the summer, a man never felt anything like that before when he saw and got a chance to talk with the woman. Comparing the characters, the physical strength of man and their power to captivate women are shown; while women are also trying their best to be strong but then they always have weakness. Manuel Arguilla wrote this openly using the Filipino setting and attributes. The story is really happening. Only Filipinos could relate in the story because it describes Filipino people before- mahinhin and torpe. We think that Arguilla wanted to write the way Filipino acts. Filipino traits like how we eat, how we greet other people, especially strangers, our casualness toward other people, and also our quick acceptance of others are seen it the story. Manuel wrote this story with vivid and understandable descriptions. Manuel Arguilla wrote Midsummer during American colonial period where Filipinos are striving their way to live with new influence and balance it with their traditional way. The overall story is simple and uncomplicated yet bringing us modernized Filipinos to look back on our past and appreciate its simplicity.

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December 9, 2012

SUPER LATE POST (oct picture)

I know. I know. Sorry for the late post 
 Outfit & Picture taken last October (when I'm still 16 haha)
Anyway, don't mind the wind

(c) Angelo Martin 

What I wore: 

LA Calif top- US (cut)| Denim Vest- Rainbow, SG | Bag - Genuine Ganok Leather, Admiralty SG | Strawberry mood ring & red bracelet- Tiendesitas | Starfish ring & blue bangle- Blanca | Skirt - Sixties, City Hall (near marina square) SG | Oxfords- Enzo, Glorietta | Necklace- SM Accessories

October 25, 2012

Midterm is over

Wooh! Thank God for letting me survive the stressful weeks.. Codes, constitutions, accounting... YOLO! Haha. (without thinking that another wave is coming- FINALS!)  Anyway, I'll share again some food porn.

Turk's Shawarma - It's good for someone who craves for shawarma but I'm not satisfied with the overall taste. We ordered all beef shawarma with cheese. Their shawarma is just affordable but there's something missing when we eat it (A SPARK WHEN WE EAT IT HAHA "THE ZING" HAHAHA Denise Ayson! ) 

Turk's shawarma location: 2nd floor, Mall of Asia

Ordinary tea & chocolates

I always remember the saying "The way to a man's heart is though his stomach" All i can say is... I KNOW RIGHT? Haha. That's why i'm trying so hard to learn how to cook and be the best cook (maybe only for HIM. Gumaganun pa ako.. But at least i can prepare myself for the future.. You know.. the breakfast in bed stuff HAHAHA ) So I cooked:


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Another success.

Food for the week: 

What's affordable & delicious? Ate Rica's Famous Bacsilog 

It's bacon + egg + melted cheese. Forever favorite! 

Where to find it? AGNO, Taft.