March 22, 2013


Starting 2013 being a couch potato and still on the process of being active here. Sometimes I feel that this isn't my priority. Or let's say reality is I'm LAZY. Anyway, shall we proceed to my thing? I'm planning to change my escape to "everything vintage" or "the girl with circle sunnies"  The reason for this might be my obsession to vintage looks (vintage plus modern ) & circle sunglasses. My collection, by the way. Too many things going on my mind right now? I know. Hopefully I could change this during my spare time. "SPARE TIME" can also be the time when spirit of laziness doesn't exist. I'm thinking if I will still post old photos or accumulate these photos and wait for my computer to explode. Okay, okay. 

For my latest look, boyish it is. 
I hyped it up with a vintage polo & Hatch bag. 

Obviously, I dip dyed my hair.

(c) Angelo Martin

Outfit details:

Polo - Yes Clothing Co.
Rucksack- Flying Dutchman
Sunnies- Androgyne

'Til my next post,