December 28, 2012


"TRES BELLE PLACE" - very beautiful place stated on Mhage's top (RFSHN)
Christmas photoshoot but of course not with a Christmas theme. 
This is more of a vintage / rebel "RANDOM" photoshoot.
Credits to the photographer- meee. Haha! And to these awesome people.
Belated Merry Christmas everyone!

Fierce Mhage, Fierce!

 I like this old car shot. Pat on the back?

What Mhage wore: All from RFSHN plus 
Shoes: Ferracini

Hype Mhage & Jhermie

Jerome Soriano :
Mhage Soriano :

Let's go to the kids fashion, shall we? 
Say Hi to these cuties Clara and Nicole! Future top models, right?
Theme : Rockstar chic (Can't think of a better one)
Let's take it to the streets!

 Maldita look or straight face? 

What Clara wore: All from SM Department store
Boots- Hush Puppies
Necklace- Bazaar

What Nicole wore: All from SM Department store
Headband- Pink box
Shoes- Converse

Thanks for viewing/reading.
Happy Holidays everyone!