January 2, 2013

How to change removable disk icon

Hey there! I just wanna share something related to computer. Y'know, I have the cutest flash drive and icon. Haha. But the one below is not mine. Can't believe doraemon is now a flash drive -__-

lame name

the creeper name

another lame name haha

Want something like these? (Say YES) Follow my instructions:

1) Connect your usb to the computer definitely you need to
2) Open Notepad (Start > All programs > accessories > NOTEPAD)
3) Copy paste or type the ff:



* label - the name of your removable disk
This is indirect renaming of your flash drive.What's good about
this is that you can make the drive name with long characters and
invalid characters ( ~, ", -, and so on.. BUT NOT THE SYMBOLS)

for example:


Example in notepad:

you can also delete the "label=DESIREDLABEL" if you want to stick
with your current flash drive name. Your choice.

* icon- copy your desired icon (.ico file) in your usb
i got these cool icons here: http://www.iconspedia.com/
You can download it for free. There's many available icons in the net
so explore!

REMINDER: It should be ".ico" example above is "beer_ultra.ico"
.JPG, .PNG and other file types won't work.

4) Go to File > Save us. Save your file as "Autorun.INF"

   Filename: Autorun.INF
   Save as type: All files

then click SAVE!

5) Eject your USB then Connect it again.. SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! :)

I think some computers detect .inf as a virus but it is up to you if you want to change your plain flash drive.

If you don't get it, I do apologize if I suck in making tutorials. I did my best to make it concise and clear. Haha. What's up technical writing? Moving on.. 

Thanks for reading. Questions? Feel free to leave some comments! :)