January 7, 2013

Before year 2012 ends

 2012 is a pretty good year. No matter how bad 2012 seems for some, but for me 2012 is a blast. Because of YOLO thing, I guess.

Doomsday is overrated. You know right. Nuff with the 2012 scare tactics of how the world will end. The world will not end but it will never be the same. 2013 is a new beginning. Another "New Year's resolution" to nail. There's a few months left for me to make the most out of being seventeen. This turning 18 for everybody is a big thing 'cause they are expecting maturity progress. Is there such thing as progress in maturity? Haha. Doesn't matter. 
I guess I'll be missing the "MINOR" days. Sigh.

 Dear blog, I just hope this twenty-thirteen I'll be that active in blogging.
Cooperate with me. Haha. 

Can't think of another pose. I think I should put a signature on it. Haha! Sorry c:


The high-low contrast button down shirt is paired up with black skater skirt.
 Taupe and black is a good match.

Outfit details:

Sheer georgette shirt- Forever 21 
Skater skirt- Muradito (Fashion Market), Market Market 
                                           ^ there's too many market, i know
 Oxfords with leopard print - Parisan, SM department store

Hey there, Mhage and Jhermie!

Cheers and have a great 2013 everyone!