October 25, 2012

Midterm is over

Wooh! Thank God for letting me survive the stressful weeks.. Codes, constitutions, accounting... YOLO! Haha. (without thinking that another wave is coming- FINALS!)  Anyway, I'll share again some food porn.

Turk's Shawarma - It's good for someone who craves for shawarma but I'm not satisfied with the overall taste. We ordered all beef shawarma with cheese. Their shawarma is just affordable but there's something missing when we eat it (A SPARK WHEN WE EAT IT HAHA "THE ZING" HAHAHA Denise Ayson! ) 

Turk's shawarma location: 2nd floor, Mall of Asia

Ordinary tea & chocolates

I always remember the saying "The way to a man's heart is though his stomach" All i can say is... I KNOW RIGHT? Haha. That's why i'm trying so hard to learn how to cook and be the best cook (maybe only for HIM. Gumaganun pa ako.. But at least i can prepare myself for the future.. You know.. the breakfast in bed stuff HAHAHA ) So I cooked:


Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Another success.

Food for the week: 

What's affordable & delicious? Ate Rica's Famous Bacsilog 

It's bacon + egg + melted cheese. Forever favorite! 

Where to find it? AGNO, Taft.