September 29, 2012

Food for the week

Food for the week: TORI BOX!!
It's not new in taft especially to DLSU students. They're so near in One Archers Place so they can survive  the heat & effort going to Archers, EGI, Agno, etc. But what makes me go there even with a short break?
TORI BOX. Omg Tori box!! I seriously want to eat there right now haha

Chicken Karaage with seasoning and gravy.. TASTES GOOD.
Their store in One Archers is small for dine in accommodations; therefore you need to patient. The ambience of the restaurant is relaxing plus the restaurant's design is cozy and modern. I wish someday their restaurant will expand. Tori Box is a place for hungry persons. Sobrang sulit.

They have these chicken cutlet with seasoning. 

Flavor of seasonings:
Sour Cream
Italian Cheese
Chili Pepper

Sour Cream


 What we tried: 
Karaage pops with Rice (double) & Kaarage pops with Mojos (double) Price: Php 95
Seasoning (the powder thing on top): BBQ and Sour Cream

Both 4 thumbs up- Delicious food & reasonable price.
It's like KFC fun shots but much better version of it.
The chicken is crispy and malaman (haha i don't know it's translation)
For me bbq and sour cream tastes the same. 
I don't know for other customers or maybe because of the gravy.
One gravy for us is not enough so we always add gravy for only 5 pesos
and sometimes extra rice for 20 pesos. 

Okay, Just try to eat there and i'm sure you'll never regret. Forget all the fats!! EAT EAT EAT HAHA 
Once you've tried to eat there, it makes you go back for more. SWEAR

Overall rating:

4 / 5 - It has good food but the place is small for many customers. 

Visit them:

Tori Box, (beside Manang's Chicken) 
2nd Floor One Archers Place, Taft Avenue
Manila, Metro Manila